Assessment Glossary

Assessment 3-18 must be valid, reliable, fair and manageable for all involved and must be consistently applied for all learners in all centres.

Quality Assurance

Through sharing, understanding and applying standards and expectations, quality assurance helps to raise standards and expectations, and levels of consistency across teachers and schools.

From BtC 5

Quality assurance relating specifically to assessment includes:
> activities to ensure assessment materials and exemplification, including those that will be available through the National Assessment Resource meet standards and expectations
> local quality improvement processes in education authorities as part of ensuring appropriate standards in education
> quality assurance for National Qualifications and other SQA qualifications
> quality assurance approaches of other awarding bodies
> HMIE inspections as part of external evaluation


Moderation is the term used to describe approaches for arriving at a shared understanding of standards and expectations for the broad general education. It involves teachers and other professionals as appropriate, working together, drawing on guidance and exemplification and building on existing standards and expectations to:

  • plan learning, teaching and assessment
  • check that assessment tasks and activities provide learners with fair and valid opportunities to meet the standards and expectations before assessments are used
  • sample evidence from learners’ work and review teachers’ judgements
  • agree strengths in learners’ performances and next steps in learning
  • provide feedback on teachers’ judgements to inform improvements in practices.

Making good assessment decisions 3-18 presentation

Verification is one of a range of quality assurance measures used by SQA to confirm that assessment tasks and activities provide learners with fair and valid opportunities to meet the standards. It is the term used to describe the approaches to ensuring that centres’ assessment decisions are valid and reliable and are in line with national standards.

For roles and responsibilities see appendix 1 and 2 here.

Summary CfE


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