Broad General Education

Education Scotland

CfE Briefing 1: Broad general education in the secondary school

Schools are expected to ensure that all children have the opportunitues to experience all the Es and Os, across all curriculum areas, up to and including the third curriculum level.

…effective learning depends upon personalisation…

The cumulative outcomes of all the learning pupils have undertaken throughout the broad general education phase will be recognised in the S3 profile.

…the planned early presentation of whole cohorts or class groups…is not therefore compatible with the principles of the broad general education…

CfE Briefing 2: Assessing progress and achievement in the 3-15 broad general education

…progress and achievement in learning is the substance of what learners gain in knowledge and undestanding, skills (including higher order thinking skills), attributes and capabilities.

  • breadth: the number and range of experiences and outcomes
  • challenge: embedded attributes, capabilities and skills
  • application: use of abilities in new and unfamiliar contexts

Assessment is ongoing, periodic, and transitional.

The Principles and Practice papers, together with the experiences and outcomes, provide the framework for an appropriate focus on the range of knowledge and understanding, skills, attributes and capabilities.

Monitoring and tracking progress and achievement in the broad general education

CfE Briefing 3: Profiling and the S3 profile

CfE Briefing 6: Progression from the Broad General Education to the Senior Phase Part 1

…S3…some National 4/5 Unit Outcomes or Assessment Standards may well have been overtaken and the evidence required for qualifications gathered…

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