NPA Digital Media Animation

Gathering resources for Digital Media Animation

NPA in Digital Media Animation via SQA

Materials available from SQA Academy.


NPA Computer Games Development

Gathering resources for Computer Games Development

NPA Computer Games Development via SQA

Useful links:

Teach Games: Game design & development resources for educators


From Colin Maxwell’s Blog:

The official curriculum for NPA Computer Games Development is now available on the SQA Academy. It is filed under Support Materials for NCs and NPAs.

Here’s a direct link to the games curriculum – if you’re prompted for a login, just press the button marked ‘Login As Guest’.

The curriculum covers levels 4, 5 and 6 and all of the three Computer Games units.

Links to the unit descriptors:

Computer Games: Design
Level 4 unit | Level 5 unit | Level 6 unit

Computer Games: Media Assets
Level 4 unit | Level 5 unit Level 6 unit

Computer Games: Development
Level 4 unit | Level 5 unit | Level 6 unit

Consolarium (Scottish Centre for Games and Learning) can be found here.